Shipping, Custom Processing and Custom Smoking

Finest At Sea will ship your BC Seafood purchase or Sport Catch anywhere within Canada!  We use Fedex first priority shipping services.  Send us an email at and we'll get you a quote!


Finest At Sea will custom process your catch for you!  The following prices are based on incoming weight.  Price includes vacuum packing and flash freezing.

Filleting, Steaking or Portioning $ 2.25/lb
Hot-Smoked (no marinade) $ 3.25/lb
Hot-Smoked (with marinade) $ 4.50/lb
Cold-Smoked $ 3.25/lb
Cold-Smoked and Sliced (Lox) $ 5.00/lb
Salmon Candy $ 4.75/lb
Add Ground Pepper $ 0.50/lb
Vacuum Packing Only $ 2.00/lb

*Only one form of smoking per fish.

Fishing Bait (when available):

Anchovies (frozen trays) $7.50 each
Herring (frozen trays) $7.50 each
Frozen Octopus $8.85/lb
Frozen Salmon Bellies $5.00/lb
Misc. Bait (Fish Heads/Bones) $1.00/lb
Large Herring (vak pak bags) $6.80/lb
Halibut Collars $2.50/lb

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